Amman is the capital of Jordan and a city of more than 3,000,000 as of 2013. Amman is a regional hub for people traveling to the middle east and enjoys a more secure political and social environment than any city in the region.g

The traffic is negligible as I haven't updated the site in months. I was having good results with SEO with more than 12,000 unique visitors from Google last year and had more than 3000 terms showing on the 1st page of Google when I was updating the site. This project is too big for a one-man show so I stopped updating it.

With a good team, the right contacts and someone to develop more ideas you can make this site something HUGE as Amman is hungry for this type of site. I will provide my list of undeveloped ideas to the buyer...there is money to be made on the web in Jordan if you have the manpower.

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